Bild Erkodent
Since 1963 it has been our aim to supply you, as our customer, in short time with high quality products. That has been confirmed 1996 with the certification according ISO 9001 by the trade association "Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie" (raw materials and chemicals) of Germany (BG RCI).
We maintained this certification until the end of 2006.
Then we changed to ISO 13485 in 2007.
In 2011 we decided to follow both norms, ISO 9001 for the entire company and ISO 13485 for the medical devices. Since July 2011 we hold a certificate for 9001 and 13485.
We regularly take audits by the BG RCI and add internal audits. Finally we define quality as keeping to our promises, following the applicable law and regulations and to aim at continual improvement.
We have defined our quality policy which covers the following aspects:
General aim
Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, excellent cost-benefit ratio of our products, following the applicable law and regulations and aiming at continual improvement.
Importance of employees (secure workplaces, participation, responsibility, training).
General conditions
Good relations to third parties, environmental aspects.
Keeping it alive
Permanent controlling to keep with the demands of customers and regulations, optimisation of processes and products.